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Our Services

Personal Care:

Will assist waking up.

Help mouth washing and cleaning.

Help in toileting & Diaper changing.

Bathe and apply face cream and body lotion.

Shaving and grooming hairs.

Helping to walk wheelchair.

Exercise hand & foot.

Eye care.

Nail care.


Health care:

Medicine will be fed on time.

Feed every two hours.

Food will be given on time.

Checking diabetes and keep record.

Checking blood pressure and keep record.

Medication on a daily basis.

Giving nebulizer,oxygen, suction and cannula (Advised by doctor and guardian).

Note Intake output chart on every hours.

Use Suction & remove cough.

Applied ointment to the bed sore.

Wipe the body on time.

Changing diaper or pads.

Clining urine bag.

Helping dressing.

Special care bedsore.

Assisting doctors by maintaining history of the patient .

Social care:

Talk to the patient, read the newspaper.

Assist for using mobile phone (call and receive calls).

Taking to doctor and physiotherapist.

Assist in jogging and walking in park.

Our Sevice areas:

Elderly patient care.

Dementia patent care.

Stroke patent care.

Cancer patient care.

Covit positive patient care.

Neuro patient care.

Autistic care.

On demand service.